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Benefits of Chai Tea

April 26 2017

You may be surprised to hear the many benefits of chai tea!

As a staple of Indian culture, chai tea contains a mixture of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom and black pepper. These spices come together to create a synergistic effect and provide benefits for your body.

Chai tea is well known for its digestive support. When sipped after a meal, a cup of hot chai tea helps your body to digest fats and proteins. The ginger in the tea helps to minimize nausea and calm the stomach. For a satisfying cup of tea, add coconut milk or honey for sweetness.

Another great benefit of chai tea is its ability to reduce inflammation. If you have a toothache or sore throat, the cloves and ginger have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects.

The cinnamon and ginger in the tea also have broad anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Some scientific studies have shown that cinnamon and ginger can be just as effective at reducing inflammation as anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal medications.

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